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Our client United Pacific is one of the largest independent owners, suppliers, and operators of gas stations and convenience stores in the Western United States. They have over 3,500 Team Members in more than 450 locations spread across California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.


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Custom Uniform Program
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Merch Store

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United Pacific makes a positive impact in the communities they serve by creating an experience that makes everyday life a little bit easier for their customers. They are fast, friendly, and ready to serve! Their team lives the “I Got It!” spirit by providing a great place to shop, eat, fill up your tank and being a great place to work. 

We are proud of our partnership with United Pacific and are delighted to help them fulfill their mission. 

Custom Uniform Program

United Pacific wanted to launch a company-wide uniform transition. We were able to source custom dyed fabric that included sun protection, was anti-stain, and snag proof. We then built out custom sizing, logo details and hang tags, and did a massive shipment out to 450 stores and 3500 employees.


Merch Store

The United Pacific Merch Store is a central location where employees can order their shirts, polos and recognition gifts. It also features a multi-level approval system depending on the item and the recognition level.

Employee Retention

The first 6 months of getting a new employee can often be the most important time to keep them engaged and feeling welcome. United Pacific’s employee retention program consists of receiving a t-shirt when they start, 2 polos after 90 days, and 2 more polos after 6 months to keep their work wardrobe sharp and keeping the team unified.


Employee Recognition

United Pacific wanted a unique way to acknowledge employees that go above and beyond. Items like a pin, sunglasses, mug, and hoodies, are unlocked to the employee based on their level of achievement.

Featured Project

Uniform Transition

Getting 450 Unified Pacific stores and their 3,500 employees new uniforms that fit their specifications was no easy task. Custom colorways, UPF protection, and snag-proof material were all a must for their new design. We started off with a fabric that was dyed perfectly to match their brand colors, a custom fit to keep their employees looking sharp, and included all the other desired specifications to keep their employees comfortable and safe while on the job.