Temporary Plates, Placards and MVD Solutions

Temporary License Plates (TLP/TRP)

Our patent pending temporary license plates are simply the best
• Our patent pending design works with both motorcycle and passenger vehicles
• Integrated registration tab
• Can be setup for advanced security including QR codes, UV features and holographic labels
• Affixes to the rear of the vehicle just like a permanent plate
• Will NOT rip off of the vehicle – virtually indestructible
• Holds up to all weather and road conditions
• More visible for Plate by Toll, photo enforcement and automatic plate readers
• Prints on almost any laser printer
• Recyclable

Temporary License Plate Specialized

TRP/TLP Programs for Dealers and Associations

Specialized works with your MVD to create a win/win solutions with automobile dealers and dealer’s associations. We’ll help create the supply chain to ensure that everyone in your state is using a standardized, patent pending temporary plate, regardless of where they buy and register their vehicle
• Direct sales to dealers online
• Bulk sales to new car and used car dealers associations to resell to their members
• Specialized can ship direct to dealers, associations your MVD locations/3rd party locations

Disability placards

Our new disability placards are made from a heavy duty, solid core polyester paper material that can be printed on.
• Perfect for centralized fulfillment or print on demand at MVD/3rd party locations
• Print the expiration date, tag number or any other information on the placard
• Features an integrated panel that removes after printing and die cut holes to hang from rear view mirror
• Eliminates the need to track serial numbers at each MVD/3rd party location because they’re printed on demand
• Eliminates ability to change expiration dates. Once printed, the toner cannot be removed from the placards and they cannot be printed over
• Can add additional security features including QR codes, UV features and holographic labels

Temporary License Plates Specialized

MVD Forms

Specialized offers all styles of MVD forms from the simplest driver’s license applications to the most complex and secure titles and Secure Odometer Disclosures. Specialized has a history of working with secure documents such as checks and forms so we know how to protect you!